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What Does Bespoke Jewellery Mean?

With the increasing popularity of bespoke jewellery, you might be wondering what it means exactly. For starters, the word bespoke refers to jewellery made specifically for a customer or a client. This means it’s not ready-made or available elsewhere.   Only a handful of jewellers specialise in bespoke jewellery in London. You can’t find custom pieces in conventional retail […]

4 Advantages of Buying Handmade Jewellery in London

Handmade jewellery in London feels so much more luxurious than mass-produced pieces sold online or in retail stores. These pieces possess an inimitable artistic touch that machine-assembled products can never replicate. However, because handmade jewellery takes time to design and create, you might have to wait before you get yours. Perhaps that’s the only downside. But […]

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