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The Most Expensive Jewellery Celebrities Are Wearing In 2023

In the world of glitz and glamour, celebrities have always been known for their extravagant tastes in beauty and opulent lifestyles. From red-carpet events to high-profile performances, these stars never cease to amaze us with their choice of fashion and accessories. One aspect that often captures our attention is the jaw-dropping jewellery they adorn. In […]

Where To Buy Engagement Ring In London

Finding the perfect engagement ring is meaningful for anyone planning to propose. London, with its rich history and diverse culture, offers a plethora of options when it comes to selecting that special ring. From traditional boutiques to contemporary jewellery stores, the city provides a wide array of choices for every budget and style. In this […]

Most Popular Women’s Gold Bracelets For Autumn

Autumn is a season that brings with it a palette of warm and earthy colours. As the leaves change and the air gets crisper, our fashion choices tend to follow suit. A beautiful gold bracelet is one accessory that can truly elevate your autumn ensemble. With its timeless allure, gold complements the rich and vibrant […]

Wedding Rings, How Much Should You Spend?

The exchanging of wedding rings is a time-honoured tradition that symbolises eternal love and commitment between partners. It’s a beautiful gesture that marks the beginning of a lifelong journey together. But when it comes to purchasing the perfect wedding rings, couples often find themselves facing the daunting question: How much should we spend on these […]

What Are Eternity Rings?

In jewellery, certain pieces possess a charm and symbolism that transcends time. The eternity ring and other rings exemplify everlasting love and commitment among these remarkable creations. Often gifted on momentous occasions, these exquisite bands adorn fingers with a captivating allure and profound meaning. This blog post will uncover the history, significance, and styles of […]


Where To Get Bespoke Jewellery For Women

Bespoke jewellery for women is unparalleled when it comes to expressing individuality and creating lasting memories. Custom-made pieces hold a unique charm, reflecting the wearer’s personality and style. If you’re on the hunt for that one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, this blog will guide you through the best places to find exquisite bespoke jewellery for women, […]

Do You Provide Any Warranties Or Guarantees For Bespoke Jewellery?

Bespoke jewellery stands out as a symbol of individuality and personal significance in the world of mass-produced accessories and standardised designs. When purchasing fine jewellery, nothing compares to the sentiment and emotional value of custom-crafted pieces. A bespoke jewel reflects your personality and unique story, making it invaluable. At Lords, we understand the profound impact […]


Do you work within a specific budget range for bespoke jewellery designs?

Budget is a key consideration for many people when it comes to bespoke jewellery designs. Whether you’re looking to invest in a beautiful piece for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you can afford. But do you work within a specific budget range for bespoke jewellery designs? […]

What Are The Popular Styles And Designs Available In White Gold Jewellery

When it comes to exquisite and timeless jewellery, white gold is a popular choice among individuals seeking elegance and sophistication. White gold, an alloy of gold and other metals such as silver, palladium, or nickel, possesses a lustrous appearance that complements a wide array of designs. In this blog post, we will delve into the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Style with Tarnish-Free Jewellery

Jewellery has always been a crucial element in fashion, enabling individuals to express their unique style and personality. However, one of the biggest challenges jewellery enthusiasts faces is dealing with tarnished pieces that lose their shine and lustre over time. Fortunately, the emergence of tarnish-free jewellery has revolutionised the industry, allowing people to enjoy their […]

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