Coming out of Lockdown Is Made More Bearable with a New Bespoke Ring

The world is going through a stressful time at the moment. Covid-19 has caused major changes in how we live our lives, with social distancing and the lockdown preventing us doing many of the things we normally enjoy. What has not changed is the satisfaction that can come from owning a bespoke piece of jewellery .

Now that the lockdown is starting to be eased it is the perfect time to consider a new purchase for your jewellery  box. Lord of London are specialists who can help you design an ideal ring for you to wear as you step back into the world. We will be with you every step of the way as we turn your ideas into reality.


Perhaps you have some precious stones left to your as an heirloom, or perhaps you have some new gems that you want to place in a setting. Either way, Lord of London can help you design the best possible vehicle to display your jewels. We understand how important your jewellery  is to you and how nerve-wracking it can be to ask someone else to alter something so precious. We promise to provide you with some of the best bespoke jewellery  in London.

Once you have your gems you can choose how you want them displayed. A ring is just one of the many items you could decide to use. You can choose your preferred materials and designs, and we will adapt based on your desires. The process of creating a bespoke ring is a collaboration between our experience and your vision.


We have currently closed our physical stores to follow social distancing guidelines and protect the health of both our staff and customers. You can, however, still e-mail us at any time with enquiries about any new work you would like to commission and we will discuss the details of what you want in your bespoke ring. As the lockdown eases, it is the perfect time to consider a new piece.

It is at times like this that it becomes more important than ever to treasure the things that are important to us. You can take those precious gems that you already own and turn them into an important symbol as the lockdown lifts. It will be a reminder that beautiful things still exist in these troubling times. Rather than waiting until the crisis is completely over before you purchase something new, why not design your bespoke ring as a sign of hope?

You may not be able to do everything you want to do at the moment, but you can treat yourself to the luxury of a bespoke ring. How could you not feel better with such an exquisitely designed piece of jewellery  on your finger? It is your statement that you are still making the most of life.

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