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Celebrity Engagement Rings: Style Inspiration and Trends

Hand Ring

In the enchanting world of celebrity engagements, nothing captivates the public’s attention quite like the dazzling rings adorning the ring fingers of Hollywood’s elite. These captivating pieces not only symbolise love and commitment but also serve as trendsetters for engagement…

Engagement Ring Trends To Look Out For in 2024

couple hand with a ring jewelry

In 2024, the search for the perfect engagement ring evolves into a captivating journey, symbolising the beginning of an enduring commitment. As couples embark on this quest toward everlasting love, the landscape of engagement ring trends unveils a mesmerising fusion…

How To Care For Your New Engagement Ring?

propose engagement ring to his soon to be wife

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect engagement ring, a sparkling symbol of love and commitment that adorns your finger. As you embark on this journey with your beautiful engagement ring, ensuring its longevity and brilliance becomes paramount. At Lords, we understand…

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