The Process of Designing Custom Jewellery

Nothing compares to the beauty, elegance, and quality of custom jewellery. These pieces are handcrafted with care, each detail meticulously carved, and every material delicately shaped. But how do these pieces come to life?

A look into the custom jewellerymaking process

  • The consultation stage

What makes handmade jewellery unique is that jewellers will take your ideas and preferences into account. For example, if you want an engagement ring with a marquise-cut centre diamond and two pear-shaped side stones, you can include such details in your request. And if words aren’t enough to express your ideas, you can also use your own illustration or a photo from the internet.

  • The design stage

Have you laid out the details for your customised piece? Your jeweller will come up with various designs according to your ideas and present them to you. From here, you can approve a proposal or request for adjustments to be made, leading to the final design.

  • The crafting stage

Once you’ve approved a design, the jeweller will move on to creating your unique piece. Every gemstone and metal will be set and shaped according to your requests, ensuring they meet your expectations.

Take note that handcrafted jewellery can take hours, even days, to complete. The overall duration will depend on the complexity of your design and the availability of materials.

  • The final piece

After hours of careful crafting and detailing, your jeweller will finally present the bespoke piece. This will be your chance to try it on and see if it matches the approved design. Moreover, your jeweller may adjust the piece’s sizing to ensure it fits you perfectly.

Would you like your very own piece of custom jewellery? Consult with a professional jeweller to create a one-of-a-kind design that suits your tastes.

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