Bespoke Jewellery London Specialists

We Combine Singular service with Exquisite Craftsmanship and sound expertise. We will collaborate with you in creating an exquisite design precisely per your desire.
We understand how important and Sentimental Jewellery is and we will work with you every step of the way from the inital meet and design until the piece is finished

OUR Process

Consulting With a Bespoke Jeweller

The first step is contacting us, we have many platforms that you can do this on, Once the first point of contact has been made we would need to see you, ideally in store but if you live far away we can arrange a Zoom – In this initial meet we would go through everything covering what you have and what you want made, if you want diamonds or gemstones added, the budget you wish to spend and the metals you wish to have your piece made from. The initial meet is a in depth conversation covering everything.
consulting with a bespoke jeweller
presenting various designs

Presenting Various Designs

This is the step where we work extremely hard to get your design the way we know you have imagined it, we will show you finished computer images which is the most life like we can get until you see the finished piece, – This is an important step as once we have completed the designs we work with you, you can then amend if needed and we can make tweaks.

Crafting Your Bespoke Jewellery

Our Jewellers will meticulously craft your unique piece of jewellery and
depending on how involved the Jewellery is that is being made can take anything up to 8 weeks.
crafting your bespoke jewellery
presenting your final piece

Presenting Your Final Piece

We are always so thrilled at this stage to be able to present you with the finished article, knowing that it’s been greatly anticipated. We will make adjustments to ensure sizing is correct.


I have some precious metals; can these be melted down and used?

We can melt and re-use metals if its vital that you want it to be used for sentimentality reasons within what we are making for you. For various reasons we don’t advise to do it so if it’s not for sentimental reasons and more for a way of making the Jewellery more cost effective to have done we can always buy the scrap metal from you to make the piece more affordable.

Do you do the work in house?

Yes, we the mounting in house and we have a visible workshop.

Is it more expensive to have Jewellery custom made?

Not always – for any sort of work to be carried out incurs a cost, But this is not always more, especially if we are using some of your own materials/Stones.

Do you offer Finance?

we offer Klarna with a maximum of £1,500.00 this tab can be found under the services page on our site.

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